Our Founder; Heather Miller

Growing up in what was 'the murder capital of Australia' Heather Miller should have been a statistic of a forgotten young person we often read about.

Instead, Heather has committed her life to making sure our young people are equipped with the tools they need to have a voice.

Informally founding The Kindness Hub, at only 16, Heather is a driving force when it comes to Kindness and custom-made, impactful, leadership, communication, and self-confidence programs globally.

Heather has not only delivered courses on stages such as Tony Robbins and; Global Youth Leadership Program but also hiking through the Himalayan mountains of Nepal, and driving through the desert in the center of Australia.

When it comes to experience and determination, Heather Miller's dedication to uplifting people is magnetic.

  • Created and lead the National Leadership Program for Scouts Australia.
  • Ex-Academic and consultant for The University Of Technology Sydney
  • Has been asked to attend the UN in Egypt for program creation with Australia's Emerging Climate Leaders.
  • Key Speaker and program creator for Youth Leadership Academy Australia.
  • Spoken at Tony Robbins Global Youth Leadership Summit USA
  • Spoken to over 50,000 people world-wide
Tari Kumari

International Accelerated Learning Facilitator, Refugee Rights Advocate, and Leadership Consultant.

Tari is a 27 year old global citizen with an unshakeable passion for empowering young people to explore themselves and the world with self awareness, integrity and courage.

Tari has spent the past 6 years facilitating accelerated youth leadership programs locally and across Asia, Europe and North America and working with refugees in Europe and the Middle East.

Tari loves experiential learning and holding space for young people to learn more about their boundless potential.

All of her work holds a heartbeat of compassion, gratitude, and understanding for the wider world, and social justice.

  • Tari is a trained accelerated learning facilitator
  • Yoga and Meditation Teacher
  • Specialising in Trauma informed Practice
  • Key Speaker and program creator for Youth Leadership Academy Australia.
  • Refugee Advocate
  • Spoken to over thousands worldwide

"If you think a compliment about someone and don't tell them, it's like buying them a birthday present and throwing it away... Nobody's got time for that. "

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